Thursday, January 11, 2007

20,000 More Troops....

I thoroughly enjoyed our President's inspired speech on Wednesday night. I especially appreciated it when he candidly admitted that there never were any WMD's (even though Donald Rumsfeld said he knew where they were) and absolutely no links to terrorists whatsoever.

It was also decent of him to conclude (as his own intelligence reports detailed!) that our presence in Iraq is creating far more chaos (and terrorists) than it eliminates. He also showed his sense of humor when he teased Dick Cheney for insisting four years ago that we would be "greeted as liberators."

Also, it was very brave of him to call on Saudia Arabia to finally have fair and open elections while embracing all the wonders of democracy.

And when he suggested we help the hundreds of thousands of suffering people in Darfur (even though they have no oil) by sending 20,000 American troops THERE (and not to Iraq), I realized this is one of the finest presidents ever. Just behind Chester Arthur but a notch ahead of Franklin Pierce.

Mr. Bush is a brilliant man who deserves our respect and should not be brought up on international war crimes along with the vice president and Condoleezza Rice.

Praise be to Jesus,



Anonymous said...

Unkie Paul,
Maybe you should run for president. then you'd get to give televised speaches,
Nephew Tom

Rich said...

Crisply stated; you show the zeal and righteous indignation of a true "Bushie"!


Mike said...

I was checking to see if the slippers I ordered for my wife for Christmas are still on backorder?

Hon said...

You have a nephew?