Friday, January 19, 2007


Well-groomed readers,

I just watched Wynonna Judd on Larry King's show and my rising bile has once again moved me in the direction of my "laptop computer." By the way, friends from across the land, these fancy computers will be very popular one day, as they allow one to make typing mistakes and then go back later and actually ERASE them. I'm not kidding, this is super stuff!!

Anywho, big, bad Wynonna "I can't even spell salad" Judd was discussing her recent trip to Iraq, where she claims to have entertained the troops. I may point out here that just because you sing "at" a group of people does not necessarily mean they are "entertained." Perhaps the troops were in fact tormented by her inane, red-state warblings about country, honor, freedom, huntin', rodeos, pickups, "Daddy," and Skoal. But I (joyfully) digress.

Wynonna, like so many objectionable lemmings before her, said (with tear firmly planted in heavily-made-up eye) that "we should all take a moment to give thanks to the troops for protecting our freedom." She claimed that these brave men and women were the ones who protected our rights here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Bullshit.

The reason that 70% of the country is against the war is because we have come to realize that we were LIED into war (and it is unwinnable). No WMD's, no links to terrorism, no nothing. So, these brave youngsters are NOT protecting our freedom but are in fact tragically, inadvertantly threatening our security by their actions (see Bush's own leaked reports!). An Army Sergeant who flew next to me over the holidays shared these sentiments exactly.

That's right, ladies and germs, we have sent our military abroad and betrayed them absolutely and inexcusably because their presence in the middle east actually endangers America. And while inadvertantly executing this ironic disservice, they die and are maimed by the tens of thousands. But George Bush and his collective bucket of vomitous lackeys continue to send young men and women into harm's way because, well, there's a legacy to consider.

And speaking of legacies, what goes into the Presidential Library of a man who admits to not reading? Coloring books? A jogging track? Air Force uniforms never worn? And let's not forget that snazzy, colorful "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banner. This should hang directly above a photograph of George W. Bush packing his bags shortly after being successfully impeached.

Remember, the tragedy of more casualties is NOT that soldiers are dying while "protecting our freedom." They are dying because George Bush can't admit that 3,000 Americans and 600,000 innocent Iraqis have already died in vain. Sometimes the truth is an awful thing but good leaders embrace it nonetheless. Good leaders do that.
Maybe we can even elect some once we begin to ignore the tedious, ignorant words of uneducated people like Wynonna Judd!



Rich said...

Oh wise and snazzy one,

You are "spot on" with this one - I heard that the whole Judd family was taught that it's "Sal-Udd"...

Anyway, I imagined you sitting next to "Sargent Hulka" on your "little" Continental flight and couldn't help but chortle at the juxtoposition of the manly, brutish (may I say "unibrow"?) one and...the Sargent! haha. Seriously, I do think that because we are increasing viewing (consuming) shows and culture that depicts a "zero sum" scenario (that is, one winner, all the rest LOSERs!), it's hard for the "people" to acknowledge that the soldiers are toiling, not by their choice, but by the POOR DECISIONS of our elected "officials"! In that regard, people think that if they don't support the war then they don't support the troops - kinda like those snappy li'l car magnets I've seen...! Isn't that what it's REALLY ALL ABOUT? Reducing your viewpoint to a trite little saying?!?!

I dunno, but do pass that Salludd!

har dee har har...!

Hon said...

Wynonna Judd
Sounds like Elmer Fudd
She's a real, big dud
Likes to chew her cud.


Liked this post, mate. Your take on the whole deceitful manipulation is true dat!