Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Return To Form


Well, it's been over two weeks since my last BLOG post and I have been deeply moved by the responses from many faithful readers. Some, clearly hoping I am fully rested, suggested that I continue my "vacation" and send e-mails only when "absolutely necessary." Many friends indicated to me that "less is more" and advised that I contact them "rarely if ever." I am moved that they would value my painstaking editing.

Others asked that they be removed from my e-mail list altogether as they simply have too many items to read on a daily basis already and have no time for my fine, lengthy pieces. Understood. We all live busy lives and can't always get to what's most important. A select few had (defective) computer "auto-responses" that indicated my e-mails would be "permanently blocked" and I have sent (hand-written) letters encouraging them to ask their service providers to fix this technology glitch.

A fellow (Mitch) e-mailed me a short while ago asking me, "What's up, dude?" When I read of such clear interest in my writing career, I become a bit emotional. Whether you're an actor, singer, ventriloquist, or writer, in your soul you crave love from your audience as a way of confirming your own self worth. Hearing "what's up dude?" reminds me yet again that I was born to write, to share my intimate creative processes with as many readers as possible in order to entertain, amuse, and (yes), to educate.

And there's always been a playful "give -n- take" with my sizable audience. Reader Nicole R. once responded to one of my pieces by forwarding a collection of photos featuring cute baby animals in amusing situations. Terrific! Rich N., after reading an essay I forwarded in March of this year, in return forwarded a delightful video of "Dads being struck in the groin" by a variety of sports accessories. This let me know, loud and clear, that he appreciated my hard work. Message received, Rich! Again and again my readers have demonstrated how important I am in their lives and and they have richly rewarded me. Indeed, it is my pleasure!

As I prepare myself emotionally for increased summer writing I assure my audience that my dedication to my craft has never been more pronounced. Thank you for making me a regular, welcome guest at your "computer station." In due time I will create a credit-card portion on my BLOG allowing you to make substantial donations which will be utilized for marketing pursuits, office supplies, and cans of compressed air (allowing me to keep my keyboard dust free).

A happy summer to all and blessings to most.




Rebecca said...

I'm not sure you will ever read this but I thought I would comment anyways...

First off, my absolute favorite letter was the super glue one which as my friends can attest to is the one i always mention when recommending the book!

Do you have plans to write more? Or do you do stand up (perhaps you should come to my college campus and provide us real comedic relief from the wannabes that the school finds trust me they are awful)? The chances that you will see this are slim since you have not written on the blog recently but if you see this I would love to hear back!

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